Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Thankful!

Back in July of 2004 Mike ended up in the hospital from an emergency appendectomy.  There were some complications which required the doctor to make a 12 inch incision to remove his appendix. 
A few days after the surgery Mike had uncontrollable and painful hiccups.  Doctors determined that he had pressure and acid building in his stomach so they inserted an NG tube down his throat to empty his stomach.  After 11 days in the hospital he was released to go home.
After 2 days at home Mike started experiencing major chest cramps and he was having a very difficult time breathing.  Back to the hospital he went to discover that he had a blood clot travel from his leg up to his right lung.  The doctors removed 3 to 4 inches from the bottom of his lung.  They started him on blood thinners and after 12 days in the hospital back home we went.  Three days at home and Mike had a really bad dizzy spell and after a phone call to a doctor friend of ours, we convinced Mike to head back to the hospital.  Doctors determined that the blood thinners were causing Mike to bleed internally.  They took him off the blood thinners immediately and later decided to put in a Vena Cava filter in case of any future clots.  Ten days in the hospital and back home again we went.
I was sitting down the other day thinking about this time in my life.  Mike and I had been married 2 years when all this happened.  Those days when Mike was in the hospital we grew so much in our relationship.  I treasure those moments that bonded us closer as husband and wife!  Looking back there were so many times when God could have taken Mike home to heaven but instead He allowed me to have him for 6 more years.  Oh how sweet those 6 years were!
Thank you God for giving me 8 fabulous years with Mike as my husband.  So many wonderful memories!

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Lhoyt said...

Thanks, Lizzie, for sharing that. I was not aware of the details. I am so thankful to have been able to watch the process, especially the spiritual growth that you and Mike experienced during those eight years. Mom and I love you, and pray for you daily.