Saturday, July 28, 2012

P365 ~ Week 30

I thought the last few weeks were busy but I think this week tops them all.  

I started the week dog sitting and ended my week cat cat sitting.
It was VBS week at church and to help run everything we had two missions teams in town.  
Missions teams = lots of extra food to make... we ended up planning 4 meals to take for the missions teams to eat.  One of the meals was empanadas.  Kathy and I made 72 empanadas one night.
Another reason we made so many empanadas is because Philip and Michael came to Vegas with some coworkers to attend a convention.  So we had them all over for dinner one night.
I got to watch these two cuties while their Mom took their sister to a doctor's appointment.  I don't normally get a chance to watch them because I live so far away but because of dog sitting I was much closer.  I had a blast!
 Although life was crazy busy this week, Kathy and I were both able to make some cards.  We enjoy getting into the craft room, it's really a way for us to relax after a long day.
 Paul and Kathy finally had Five Guys... I think the verdict was, they liked it but prefer Fuddruckers.
 One other way we enjoy relaxing is by playing games... we pulled out Yahtzee and played one game before heading to bed at 8pm.
Was your week as busy as mine? Next week should be slower for us but we shall see.  Until then!


sara said...

I love fuddruckers too but I think five Guys wins for the burger. Mostly I get a chili dog at Fuddruckers....yum!


Loved the cards. They were amazing. I want to try my hand at making some. Where did you get the empanada recipe. Those look yummy. We love playing yahtzee too and 5 guys is one of our favorite places for a quick bite.

Kim said...

Do you make your empanada crust too or are you able to buy them ready made? We had some good ones last night at Colles (Guillermo made them).

You did all kinds of "sitting" this week! Kids, cats and dogs. Oh my! Glad you still had some time to relax and create. Beautiful cards!

I think we've been to a Fuddruckers but not absolutely sure (it obviously didn't leave a big impression. haha) but I know I've never been to a Five Guys. But a burger sure does sound good!

How cool that the brothers were able to come hang out with the sisters for an evening!

skoots1mom said...

beautiful animals and such cute kids

what did you put in the empanadas?
that is a lot of work!
fun times

Kathy said...

Fun times!!!! But really busy times! So glad I'm able to spend these busy times with you!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

thank you all for the comments you have left. In regards to the empanadas - we don't really follow a recipe. We have been making them for so long that we just throw this and that in it. If you want the recipe I can share the steps we use. Just leave a comment or email me and let me know you want the recipe.

We made three different kinds of empanadas... hame and cheese, onion and cheese and ground beef mixture.

@ Aunt Kim - as far as the tapas, we buy them. We are lucky because there is a local grocery store that sells the ones that you can bake and they are really yummy. Before we could only get the tapas to fry.

rita said...

The empanadas look great, perfect.
Fun to have Philip and Michael visit!

The Bug said...

Those empanadas look yummy - and pretty too :)

As usual, I love your cards...