Saturday, July 28, 2012

P365 ~ Week 30

I thought the last few weeks were busy but I think this week tops them all.  

I started the week dog sitting and ended my week cat cat sitting.
It was VBS week at church and to help run everything we had two missions teams in town.  
Missions teams = lots of extra food to make... we ended up planning 4 meals to take for the missions teams to eat.  One of the meals was empanadas.  Kathy and I made 72 empanadas one night.
Another reason we made so many empanadas is because Philip and Michael came to Vegas with some coworkers to attend a convention.  So we had them all over for dinner one night.
I got to watch these two cuties while their Mom took their sister to a doctor's appointment.  I don't normally get a chance to watch them because I live so far away but because of dog sitting I was much closer.  I had a blast!
 Although life was crazy busy this week, Kathy and I were both able to make some cards.  We enjoy getting into the craft room, it's really a way for us to relax after a long day.
 Paul and Kathy finally had Five Guys... I think the verdict was, they liked it but prefer Fuddruckers.
 One other way we enjoy relaxing is by playing games... we pulled out Yahtzee and played one game before heading to bed at 8pm.
Was your week as busy as mine? Next week should be slower for us but we shall see.  Until then!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

P365 ~ Weeks 25 to 29

Life has been so busy but I can't believe I haven't posted Project 365 for 4 weeks now.  I promise I have been taking pictures but now to remember everything so I can share it with you may be a little hard for me.
Oh well, I will just give you the highlights so I can try and keep the post length under control.

This year we were actually able to enjoy some of Paul's grapes that he has been growing.  Last year the animals ate all the grapes before they were ripe enough for us to enjoy.

We have had several missions teams come and help us pass out flyers for our VBS week.  They have worked hard and thousands of flyers have been distributed.

Kathy and I have been doing Weight Watchers for the past several weeks and we had gotten to a point that we needed to go through our clothes.  We looked at each piece of clothing in our closet and got rid of anything that was too big.  Three big garbage bags later we were done.  We donated them to Salvation Army so hopefully someone else will be greatly blessed with these clothes.

I was feeling very overwhelmed with our craft room.  Things were just not organized and I never felt like I could get control of it.  So one day Kathy was kind enough to help me and we finally got it all put away and cleaned up.

Kathy and I made a sampling of Christmas cards to see if we could get any large companies to buy build Christmas cards for them to send to their customers.  We haven't heard back yet if they are interested or not, but please pray if it's the Lord's will that we may get at least one company to buy Christmas cards from us.

Roz and Rachel came out to visit us and it's a good thing the craft room was clean because we spent lots of time in their creating cards.
This was the first card I received in the mail for my birthday this year.

We went walking at the park near our house and there were two people out flying kites.  They were very unique kites.  You can't see it real well in this picture but the one was red shorts with white legs coming out of the shorts and the other kite was an octopus.

Second birthday card I received... this one is from my friend who lives in the neighborhood across the street from us.  She and I get together to stamp whenever we can fit it into our schedules.

The past four weeks I have done quite a bit of cat sitting which is wonderful because this family lives 1.5 miles away from me so when I cat sit for them I walk to their house which gets me outside walking.  Every day I cat sit I walk 3 miles :-)

Rosalyn shared a Weight Watchers recipe with us... Angel Food Cake Pineapple Cupcakes.... they were delicious and super easy to make.

 This is a sampling of cards Kathy and I have made in the past few weeks.  Notice some of them are in Spanish.  I am branching out and making Spanish cards also.  I haven't posted any Spanish ones in my Etsy store yet but I plan to in the near future.

I flew to New Mexico for a missions trip with the Good Goers organization.

We stayed at this church and worked with the Pastor to help minister to a group of 5 siblings who needed to be shown God's love.  You can read more about my trip here and here.

Kathy ordered some stamping supplies and when they were delivered it was like Christmas for me :-)  I got all the items unpacked, organized and put away in the craft room.

I'm dog sitting this precious dog again.  He is so well behaved it just amazes me.

OK you are now officially up to date with everything going on here...I hope the rest of this year I can do better with posting my Project 365 on a more timely manner.

Have a blessed rest of your week!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Thankful!

Back in July of 2004 Mike ended up in the hospital from an emergency appendectomy.  There were some complications which required the doctor to make a 12 inch incision to remove his appendix. 
A few days after the surgery Mike had uncontrollable and painful hiccups.  Doctors determined that he had pressure and acid building in his stomach so they inserted an NG tube down his throat to empty his stomach.  After 11 days in the hospital he was released to go home.
After 2 days at home Mike started experiencing major chest cramps and he was having a very difficult time breathing.  Back to the hospital he went to discover that he had a blood clot travel from his leg up to his right lung.  The doctors removed 3 to 4 inches from the bottom of his lung.  They started him on blood thinners and after 12 days in the hospital back home we went.  Three days at home and Mike had a really bad dizzy spell and after a phone call to a doctor friend of ours, we convinced Mike to head back to the hospital.  Doctors determined that the blood thinners were causing Mike to bleed internally.  They took him off the blood thinners immediately and later decided to put in a Vena Cava filter in case of any future clots.  Ten days in the hospital and back home again we went.
I was sitting down the other day thinking about this time in my life.  Mike and I had been married 2 years when all this happened.  Those days when Mike was in the hospital we grew so much in our relationship.  I treasure those moments that bonded us closer as husband and wife!  Looking back there were so many times when God could have taken Mike home to heaven but instead He allowed me to have him for 6 more years.  Oh how sweet those 6 years were!
Thank you God for giving me 8 fabulous years with Mike as my husband.  So many wonderful memories!