Monday, February 16, 2015

Ecclesiastes 3:11

 A month ago I attended a Widow's Retreat.  The theme of the retreat was He has made everything beautiful in His time ~ Ecclesiastes 3:11

They had everything beautifully decorated with clocks and lots of vintage items.  

Our first night there, since most ladies were traveling and coming it at different times, they had craft night.  A night to decorate a journal and fellowship with one another.  It was fun and productive.

 The retreat was in California and it was a gorgeous weekend.  It's always wonderful to be able to sit outside,  read God's word and cast every care on the Lord because He will sustain us.  The speaker for the retreat was wonderful and I had the opportunity to meet and get to know widows walking the same path as me but each one of us with our own struggles.  We were able to take the time to share those struggles with each other and we had the opportunity to lift each other up in prayer.

Denette is our Widow's group leader and I really enjoyed getting to know her better over the weekend.  On our way home, it worked out that it was just me and her in the car.  I was sharing with her how I just don't really have any friends my age to hang out with.  I was telling her that I had looked on the church website and they had a group for young adults but it went to age 25 and since I am 36 I knew I wouldn't fit into that group.   I told her that the church needed something for those people who are over 25 and single.   

Well, guess what was announced at church the Sunday before Valentine's day? 

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