Friday, February 20, 2015

Prayer Warriors

Last night was the second Singles Fellowship get together and we had around 25 in attendance.

Another excellent message was given and we also had time to split off women in one room and men in another and share prayer requests with one another.

I met a sweet young lady named Rebecca who is 27 and has been saved for 3 years.  She was sharing some scripture verses with Kelly, a 34 year old single Mom whose struggling in her life right now because her heart's desire is to be married.

The three of us split off into our own little group and we just took some time to share with each other and encourage one another.   Each one of us with such different lives and yet all of us bonded together in Jesus Christ during this season of singleness in our lives.

We started to clean up and put away the chairs for the night and Rebecca came up to me and asked me if she could pray for me.  Right then and there, she stopped what she was doing and she put her arm around me and she started to pray.

I have really been challenged lately regarding my prayer life.  I need to be more in tune with the Holy Spirit that when He lays it on my heart to pray, I stop what I am doing and turn to the Lord in prayer.

How many times has someone asked you to pray for something?  How many times have you stopped what you were doing and started lifting them up in prayer?  I am ashamed to say I don't do that near as much as I should, especially when it's someone right there in front of me.

I am challenging myself to listen more intently to the Holy Spirit's prompting to go and put my arm around the person and pray for them.  Will you join me in this challenge?

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