Sunday, April 13, 2008

God's Beauty

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day. Mike and I spent all day outside building our hen house. We are almost done but have some minor details to finish before we can get the chickens. I will post all the pictures once we are all done, if you want a sneak peek you can check out Mike's blog.

After spending all day outside I noticed some really pretty blooms on some of the trees on our property. I don't know the names of the trees but I do enjoy the beauty of them. Each one a different color, shape and size.

Sorry about the quality of these pictures. It was windy when I was trying to take the pictures so the camera was having a hard time figuring out what to focus on.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! You've inspired me to take the boys on a nature hunt this week for school. We are going to hunt all the new blooms we can find on our property!

Hugs, Rebecca

Elizabeth said...

That sounds like alot of fun Rebecca. You will have to let me know what things they find.