Monday, April 21, 2008

Man Card

I need to make some manly cards and that seems to always be hard for me. There aren't very many manly stamps and accessories available. I bought this stamp set last year since there are so many men at church that enjoy hunting.
I just made 2 somewhat different cards. I like the second card better but I thought I would see what everyone else thought.
Please give me your honest opinion... do you like the first card or the second card better?


Anonymous said...

I love them both, but I do like the second one a smidge better. I like the extra brown on it. I'm wondering if you could do something different then the gold ribbon on it? I like the two buttons on the 1st one.

Fabulous as always! Hugs!

Karsten said...

If you want a guys perspective...I asked my brothers what they thought. They said both cards are nice but the first one is "by far" the more manly of the two. They said ribbon of any kind or color is "girly".
Hope this helps!
Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

Ok ... Ok... I get the point... leave the ribbon off for the men to like the card... I am going to make one more and post it on here and then see if that one passes the manly test :-)

Kookaburra said...

Thanks for entering my diaper giveaway.

I was just checking out several of your cards and they are great! I love making hand-stamped cards... but I haven't gotten time for it since I've had my 2 kiddos and started my blog.I can't wait to get back into it someday.

I like both cards. Probably like the second one alittle better. Oh and I don't think that little touch of ribbon is that girly. But maybe you could just wrap the ribbon around the brown cardstock (in the same place) but not make a bow with it.

Anyway, I'll definitely be back to check out more of your cards.