Friday, June 17, 2011


Many of you are familiar with Michael's craft store but Michael's restaurant is a totally different experience.

Kathy and Paul decided to take me out for dinner last Friday night. Paul called it my retirement party since it was my last day of work.

Let me share some of the pictures I took. The quality may not be the best since I took it on my cell phone without flash but hopefully you can still see how amazing this restaurant is.

look at that beautiful ceiling

butter shaped as roses complimentary relish tray... it had hard boiled quail eggs, pickled red beets, hot pepper, cauliflower, baby corn, green and black olives, tomatoes and the most delicious cheese spread.
then they bring out the menu.... can you see something is missing? that is right... there were no prices listed on my menu or Kathy's menu but Paul's menu had the prices..isn't that interesting? French Onion Soup After the first course they give you lime sherbet to cleanse the pallet and prepare you for your main dish
I ordered the fresh sea bass. It was delicious! Then I went to the restroom and I was totally impressed. Not only do they only have cloth towels to dry your hands with...
they also offer hair spray, lotion and deodorant. Then it was time for dessert. This is Paul's cappuccino. See the cute little cookie spoon.
Kathy and I ordered coffee and look at the sugar we got. It is multi colored. This was Kathy's dessert... fresh berries with homemade whipped topping
then they bring some complimentary desserts... chocolate covered fruit and a big bowl of fresh fruits
I have never experienced anything like this before. It was a totally awesome experience.


EstarellasFamily said...

One word...."Yummy"
Hope you are enjoying your retirement!

Kathy said...

A once in a lifetime experience! We had a blast and so happy you did too!!!