Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Falling Trees

Today we had 4 huge oak trees cut down because they were dead. The biggest one in the back yard was leaning towards our house. I have to say if anyone needs to have any trees cut down on their property Bert Whitfield is the man to call. He did an awesome job. You can tell he has many years of experience. God was merciful to us and kept everyone and everything safe and we Praise the Lord for that.
Tree #1 Tree #2 Tree #1 and 2 down - Praise the Lord! Tree #3 - the one leaning towards the house Tree #3 down - Praise the Lord! Tree #4 Tree #4 down - Praise the Lord! Betsy watched closely as the trees were coming down. She loved playing with all the pieces that broke off as the trees were falling.
If anyone in GA needs trees cut down here is Mr. Whitfield's info.
I don't know how far he will travel but it's worth a call.

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Anonymous said...

Look at all the firewood! Praise God for a safe day.