Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great Publix Deals

Last night Mike and I had to go pick up our mower that was being repaired. We were going to be near a Publix so I brought all my coupons along. Of course this wasn't my normal Publix so finding things took alittle longer but I got some good deals so I am grateful that were able to stop.

My total savings was $42.50, my out of pocket expense was $6.91

So here is what I got:
  • 8 boxes of Barilla pasta (with coupon ended up being 10 cents a box)
  • 8 boxes of Zatarain's rice mixes (I don't normally buy this but its good to donate or to use at church functions)
  • 4 Sundown vitamin bottles (coupon from magazine in front of store)
  • 2 Wishbone salad dressings
  • 3 Publix Apple Juice (this was the one cent item although they would only give me 1 for a penny, I had to buy the others to bring my total up to $35 so I could use the $5 coupon I had)
  • $5 off $35 coupon

I was in a hurry so I did forget to stop by the frozen isle and get my Lenders bagels... they are on sale buy one get one free and I have a $1 coupon when you buy 2. I may try and take advantage of that tonight since we will be going out to help the Crisis Pregnancy center move to their new location. We shall see how it all works out.

Note to all Publix shoppers: There is a blinkie machine in the sour cream/cottage cheese area of the store for 50 cents off any Friendship product. Regular price of Friendship sour cream is $1.69. The 50 cent coupon will double to $1 so you can get sour cream for 69 cents which is a much better price than even the store brand. Happy Shopping!

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