Friday, November 7, 2008

My New Best Friend

Heather over at Chocolate Bytes had a bloggy giveaway last week and I won. My prize came in the mail today, a Senseo coffee maker and lots of coffee pods. You know the really cool one that you can make one hot cup of drink (tea, coffee, cappuccino, etc) at a time. Since Mike doesn't drink coffee I normally don't make any but now that I have this new Senseo coffee maker I can make a cup just for myself.
Thanks so much Heather... I already enjoyed my first cup of coffee from it!
P.S. Check out Chocolate Bytes about some free gourmet chocolate.


Heather said...

Yay! Congrats again!

Elizabeth said...

Along with all this... we came home and found a box at the front door... guess what it was... 2 more packs of coffee foods... this time they were Godiva chocolate flavored.

Anonymous said...

See, The Lord provided! It was something you really wanted and since you waited on Him, He got it for you without expense! So cool! I hope it does hot chocolate for when I come over! smile : )

Elizabeth said...

Nancy - I don't know if this one allows me to make hot chocolate in it or not.
I know it can do coffee and tea. I will have to research and buy some hot chocolate packs if it's possible... then you can come and visit :-)