Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sense & Sensibility ePatterns

Have you ever watched the movie Sense & Sensibility and thought to yourself how much you loved the dresses they wore back then. Last week I watched that movie with my sister and that is exactly what I said to her. They have such beautiful dresses.
Well guess what... you can now get ePatterns to make your own dress.
Check out all the cool dresses you can make. They have lots of sizes from children to plus.
I've recently become interested in aprons and she even has an apron pattern. So make sure you go check it all out.
P.S. Kathy - if you ever want to start sewing again write me down for an apron and a dress or two :-)


Kim said...

Hey, here's a link with photos of some seriously cute aprons!

I made several for a shower gift last spring and one for Tina for her birthday. Here are two of the ones I made for showers gifts:

I used an apron I already have as sort of a measuring guide/pattern.

We have a car now! Yippee! :-)

Elizabeth said...

I love those aprons... any time you feel like making one for me I wont complain :-)