Friday, May 22, 2009

More Wedding Pictures ~ Thanks Maureen

Maureen (my SIL) was nice enough to email me some more pictures of my wedding. It is hard to believe it's been 7 years (or 2557 days)... thinking back ~ Rachel wasn't even born, Roger wasn't walking yet, we were living in Ocala, working for Cingular... it's amazing to think how everything is always changing in life...I am so grateful that God is unchanging...He is the same yesterday, today and forever...Amen!

Thanks again Maureen for finding these pictures and emailing them to me!


rita said...

I still have your bookmark which reminds me that you were married on my BD 7 yrs. ago.
Mother and I were so privileged to be there. But poor Grandpa, remember the 7-day hiccups?
Belated Happy Anniversary!

EstarellasFamily said...

You are very welcome for the pictures. I thought I had more, but not sure where they went?
See you in July!!