Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 18

This week brought the end to yet another month. It's so hard to believe that we are starting May.

I heard about this cute idea (don't remember exactly from where) and I wanted to start it as a new tradition in our home. This is called the "Some Day" can. The idea is to allow everyone in the family to write down things they want to do. Then one Saturday the parents decide today is that day. They take the can and complete as many items in the "Some Day" can as possible.
So many times Mike and I will be driving down the road and we see something that catches our eye and one of us will say "some day we will have to go to that park" or "some day we will have to try that restaurant" or "some day we should go walking over there." I am really excited about this because Mike has several three day weekends coming up. Mike found this book on sale so he bought it for me to read. Isn't he so sweet? :-) I really enjoyed reading it and learning how they have become the family they are today. One thing that really challenged me in this book was how they prayed even for the little things in their lives. I need to be more like that.
A dear friend of mine, Miss Bea sent me this book as a gift. I've been sharing how I need to spend more time in prayer and that I need to learn how to pray more in detail. She thought this book would help me learn how to do just that. Thanks again Bea for thinking of me!
One of my outside projects this week, along with planting my garden, was starting a compost pile. This is the bucket that now lives in my kitchen with a list taped to the lid to remind me what types of things I can put in my compost pile.
We have lived in our house for 2 years but for some reason this past week we received a few coupons as a welcome gift into our "new" house. One of those coupons was a free oil change. We took the truck to get the oil changed and there were these bushes with these beautiful flowers that made everything look so vibrant. The colors, especially the white, were so pure. Hard to explain but I really loved them.
Our week ended with lots of rain. We always need the rain but since I just planted my garden I was extra thankful for it. I love it when it rains because the trees around our house get this deep green look.

Well that tells of my week. Sorry I was late in getting this posted. Hope to do better next time. Be sure to stop by Sara's blog to read how the week went for others.


Kim said...

I saw an interview with the Duggar family a few years ago (I think on the Today show) and was impressed by their faith and obvious love for one another. Later in the show one of the interviewers commented that the Duggars were some of the nicest people they'd ever met in their lives. What a great testimony!

The "Some Day" can is a great idea. Ours would be full in no time :-) We're always seeing things we'd like to do/see/try.

I love that deep green too! Here we're starting to see lots of yellows and golds which are equally pretty although I don't get too excited about the cold they bring with them.

sara said...

I love the idea of the "some day" can!!! I think we are going to have to start that too!

I love the green too, but I have to say that I am tired of all the rain!!!

rita said...

I was really surprised to read what all goes into compost! You'll have some rich soil there. Glad you can have a garden even in the woods. Maybe if I started composting like you I could grow more stuff in this clay-like dirt.
Mike's repairing our indoor garden, had mechanical issues.
I heard on the news that urban gardening is on the rise big time. And this guy was selling seed packets online, packaged in cute packages made out of old magazine pages.

Nancy said...

Hey Elizabeth,

The Duggars are great! Do you know the Dad was a State Representative at one time??? Really cool! Very active political family. anyway, I have visited their website and read about one of their son's courtship story- it is really neat! But I would love to read the book so if you want to loan it to me, that would be great- otherwise I will request it from the library. Either is fine! Anyway, glad you enjoyed the book! Nancy