Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 21

What a great week. It started with a celebration for Mike and I... celebrating 7 years of marriage. God has been so good to us and I thank the Lord for my wonderful husband.
This week I needed to create some baby girl cards... announcements, baby shower and thank yous... I got somewhat stuck on a certain combination of colors and now that I look at these cards I wonder if I should have used more variety in the color scheme... oh well, next time! Wednesday was a happy and sad day all in one... it was the first time we ever got a dozen eggs in one day but it was sad because when I went out to collect eggs one of our chickens was dead... not sure what happened but all the other chickens are fine
This is a name frame I made for brother and SIL to give to a couple that got married Saturday. I had a hard time getting a picture of this frame without a reflection but I think you get the idea with this picture.
Friday I spent the day at the airport. Mike dropped me off at the MARTA station early enough for him to get back to the house to be on time for work. I stayed close to this really cool little place called Relax and Recharge... it had a bunch of places that anyone could charge their laptop, cell phone or whatever. This came in real handy for me.
Kathy flew in late to Indianapolis so we took the airport shuttle to the hotel. Saturday morning we woke up and took the airport shuttle back to the airport to rent a car. We got a nice little Versa Nissan; I really like it. This was the sign at the rental car place... I thought it was neat so I took a picture.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. Be sure to go over to Sara's blog and read up!


Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying the time with Kathy.

I Love You!

sara said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Those eggs looks great! Sorry about the chicken...I have heard that there is a pecking order in chickens and sometimes they gang up on the bottom one..hence the term "hen pecked". Am I right?

Indianapolis is a beautiful city. hope you had a great time!

Dena said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

My grandparents used to raise chickens and I loved having fresh eggs any time we wanted them. Definitely something I miss.

Esthermay said...

You raise chickens!!??? I’ve been trying to convince my dear husband to let us raise hens in the backyard. So far: No Go. That’s sad about your chicken. :(

I lived in Indy for 15 years. GREAT city! (But it DOES rain in the summertime.) :)

rita said...

Have fun in our state!
Hope to see you, tho' briefly, on the weekend. Save a spot in you suitcase or carry-on for the photos for Lynn 'n family scrapbook! I'm counting on you to put it together for Grandma.
Will you be stopping here on way to WL tomorrow?

Kim said...

Hi! I think you're arriving at dad and mom's tonight? That's what Tina thought. We just got back from Sta. Rosa where the internet was sketchy at best. Took me 3 HOURS to post for Project 365 yesterday and after that couldn't get it to do anything else. Glad I could at least get that done!

Have fun in Indiana!