Sunday, March 13, 2011

P365 ~ Week 11

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Enjoyed the beautiful trip back to Las Vegas from California. We had a fabulous weekend away!
Received this card in the mail. My niece Rachel made it and I think she did a wonderful job! Thanks for the card Rachel and keep up the good stamping!
Not sure what happened to my picture for Tuesday... Sorry!

Spent the evening with Pam...running around getting things finalized for the church Spring banquet. When we dropped her off at home, she gave us some stamps, a recipe book and two ornaments. This is one of the stamps she gave me and this is the card I went home and made with it. Thanks for everything Pam!

The church spring banquet is right around the corner. We handed most of the invites out two weeks ago but we have had some new families come to the church and we wanted to make sure they got an invite also. So I made some extra ones. They don't look exactly the same as the first batch but I still think they turned out nice. Friday
Pam and Peter surprised me and Kathy by stopping by our work with these gorgeous flowers. Talk about brightening up our day! Thanks so much, you too are very special! Saturday
I intended to get some pictures but it just never happened. We had a full day. Spent the morning going around a neighborhood, knocking on doors and handing out pamphlets inviting people to our church. Went to the Argentine restaurant for lunch with Pam and Peter. After our delicious meal we went to watch Rango at the theater. Not my kind of movie but I think they enjoyed it.

Now let's see how everyone else is doing.


Baby Blessings said...

Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog.
Sounds like you are staying busy and doing well in your new home. I love the cards!

Kim said...

Very cute cards!
Such pretty flowers... which are even nicer when they're unexpected :) It looks like a very unusual bouquet.
Do you typically have asado at the Argentine resturant? Ivan made asado tonight. I made baked potatoes and salad to go with. Now we're waiting for the brownies to cool so we can have a piece :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel did a great job! Go Rachel!

I absolutely love you new stamp. You know how I love blue, white and yellow!!!

I can't wait to hear how your Spring banquet goes! You and Kathy are such amazing ladies!

Those flowers were beautiful! The!

Love you, Rebecca

The Bug said...

Those are cute cards - I'm glad you're able to help out that way. Love the flowers!

rita said...

Yes, lovely cards.
This year I am enjoying sending cards for every occasion that comes up. I love receiving and sending thoughtful snail mail.
The scenery makes me excited when I think we will be out there in July, 'si Dios quiere'!