Tuesday, March 29, 2011

P365 ~ Week 13

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Kathy and I were in the nursery watching the kiddos. Those children are so precious! Monday

I had my last dentist visit and I am thankful that is over with. Next year I will probably have to have a root canal redone that was done about 15 years ago. Tuesday

We picked Mom up from the airport. She will be with us for one month and we are very happy to have her here. This is a picture of us playing around with my iPhone trying to teach Mom how to use it. Wednesday

We were just told by a coworker about a website to check out sales and coupons. I use to shop like that and get lots of bargains in Georgia but since moving here I hadn't found a good website to give me the information I needed. We went shopping and got tons of pasta for free because it was on sale and we printed out coupons. This is Kathy holding our receipt. Do you see how long it is. Half of it is coupons. I think our total savings was 79%.... not too bad! Thursday

I finally found a doctor in Vegas. I needed to get my thyroid medicine refilled so it was time to find a local doctor. One by one I am getting all my to do things done!


Mom started the process of getting desserts ready for our church Spring banquet. Saturday

Finally the day we had been planning for months had arrived...the spring banquet...it turned out GREAT!I had a fun, full week. How was your week?


Lhoyt said...

So glad you are enjoying your time with Mom. I leave in about eightbhours for IN, so I had better get some rest. Love you! Dad

crzy4myfam said...

Glad to see your mom is out with you guys! Ugh on the root canal. Glad you found a doctor.

I miss our coupon shopping dates! I am not sure if i should get back into couponing or not. :/

The banquet looked beautiful!!!!


rita said...

Good to get things done one by one.
And to have Mom there a whole month! (Hi, Mary!) I see you put her to work right away. Actually she probably got herself busy.
Those little ones are precious, and two redheads in the bunch!

The Bug said...

Looks like a great week. I'm glad your mom is able to spend that much time with you :)