Monday, April 16, 2012

P365 ~ Week 15

What a blessed week this has been.  Starting with Easter Sunday and ending with me signing up for a missions trip.
The children recited several verses and sang a lovely song reminding us that He Arose!
 We were invited over to some dear friends home for dinner.  Kathy made these cute little chicks
and I made these Easter basket cupcakes.
Paul had to go to physical therapy.  The doctor that is doing his knee surgery told him he needed to go to therapy now to work his knee so he could lay his leg flat.
Went to one of my favorite burger places ~ Red Robin.  We had a coupon and a gift card so we couldn't resist.  It was yummy!
 Kathy helped me clean up the craft room.  After the last big project that I worked on I left it a mess and every time I went into the room all I could see was the mess but I never knew where to start with fixing it up.  One item at a time we cleaned off the table and got things put in order.  Now we can work on cards again. (Thank you Kathy for all the help!)  I took this picture of Kathy because I thought it was funny that she was all bundled up and still stamping.  We got a cold snap here and the house was really cold... we were both freezing but having a good time stamping!
 Here is an up close picture of Kathy's beautiful card creation!
 To end a cold week we made this delicious kale soup.  It was so easy to make and so delicious and even healthy.

I hope your week as a blessed one...I'm heading over to Sara's to see.


Kim said...

That soup looks SOOO yummy! I love soups, and could eat them every day :)

How fun that y'all could do some stamping. And your Easter creations were just too cute :)

Praying for Paul!

And for your upcoming mission trip!


Red Robin....Yummmmmm. Loved the shots. That cute little Easter chick deviled egg was adorable.

rita said...

Such cute eggs and cupcakes, and so perfect.
Beautiful card.
So wonderful that you'll have the opportunity to minister comfort to others as God has/is comforting you.