Monday, April 30, 2012

Prayer Request ~ Update

Update on Paul ~ Surgery went really well and they were back home earlier than expected.  Last night was rough... his leg was swollen and he was in pain but we elevated it more and he took some more pain medication and he was more comfortable.  It's been 24 hours since his surgery now and he seems to be getting better and better each hour that passes.  Later tonight he has to start raising his leg up and down and doing some other exercises so I am sure that will be hard and very painful.


Please keep Paul and Kathy in your prayers today.  Paul goes in for knee surgery to replace his a torn ACL.  Pray for wisdom and steady hands for the doctors, a calming peace for Paul and Kathy, and quick healing for Paul.

Another prayer request is for the James family. They had their house broken into and ransacked over the weekend.  Lots of stuff taken but they are praising the Lord that everyone is safe.  They are now having to deal with cleaning everything up, replacing passports and other important documents, and trying to catch up on months and months of work that was stored on the computers and back up systems.  And then there is all the emotions that come with losing the sentimental things.  Please lift this dear family up in prayer today.

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Lhoyt said...

We are praying for Paul. Kathy told us the surgery went well, so now we must pray for no complications and a quick healing.
We feel with the James family. I still remember the gut wrenching feeling of coming home to a house that had many things missing. I'll pray for them.