Sunday, April 29, 2012

P365 ~ Week 17

When Kathy and I got home from the retreat last week Paul had pulled out several different bags of specialty flours.  There were two bags of semolina so I made some pasta for dinner.  I have never made pasta but it's wasn't that hard.  I rolled this out with a rolling pin but it did end up being a little thick so I would probably get out the pasta making machine next time to get a thinner pasta.
 It's been amazing how busy I have been with dog and cat sitting.  God has blessed me so much and I am so thankful.
Paul was so tired he sat like this at the restaurant while Kathy and I finished eating.
 Aren't these flowers beautiful?  Kathy parked next to it so I could get a picture.
 Went walking in a totally different area of town than I am use to and I found this house that I would love to live in.  Well to be honest, it's my second favorite house... and its all about location.  There are no others homes around it and its right up against a mountain.  I love it... I would love to have that view and the privacy.  There is another home closer to our house that would be my #1 choice.... I'll try and get a picture of it some day.
Okay... now back to reality and being thankful for all God has blessed me with.  I have a roof over my head, plenty of food, lots of clothes, good health, loving family and friends...and many more things to be thankful for.

Time to go check out Sara's blog.

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The Bug said...

My husband & I like to play the "we won the lottery" game - but we always end up saying that we really like our little house.

I'm impressed that you made pasta!