Sunday, April 5, 2009

Project 365 -- Week 14

On our way up to PA we stopped for some coffee but we couldn't find a Starbucks in these little towns in SC so we decided to try the specialty coffees at McDonalds. Lets just say I wont be trying them again. They tasted horrible. It took four workers to even figure out how to use the machine to make our drinks. Since Kathy rented the car we took to PA, she was the only one authorized to drive. Although we had lots of laughs in the car, we all got tired of being in the car. After many hours on the road we stopped at a hotel to rest for the night. The next morning we woke up ready to hit the road for the last part of our ride up to PA. Here we are waiting for our breakfast.
We were following the directions from Kathy's GPS to get to Grandma and Grandpa's house in PA and for some reason the Garmin took us right down Washington DC. It was great seeing everything but the traffic was horrible and it added alot of time on our trip. We were so ready to get out of the car and be done driving around.Finally!!
We had the opportunity to spend a day driving around Lancaster, eating some delicious food and going to some awesome craft stores. We loved looking at the Amish buggies, clothes lines full of clothes drying in the air and miles and miles of farm land.
We played lots of Hand and Foot...although they play with a few different rules than we do, it was still lots of fun.
This full week is over and I am so glad I am finally home!
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Kim said...

Okay the photo of your mom and the coffee? Classic!

GPS and any internet map service must be checked with a real live paper map because THEY LIKE TO MESS WITH YOUR HEAD and send you on crazy circuitous routes or straight-through-big-cities like y'all ended up doing. I will never give up my Rand McNally Atlas!

Sounds like y'all had a very fun trip :-)

P.S. Everyone we've ever met who plays Hand & Foot has a different set of rules. It's like there's a rule that you have to have different rules.

sara said...

what a great week!!

I love card games and have never heard of that one do you play?

Elizabeth said...

Aunt Kim - I love the picture of Mom... she use to never let me take pictures of her but she is getting better...
I think Aunt Judy has given up on any GPS... give her a paper map any day and she is thrilled and ready to go on a trip...

Sara - I will try and get the rules for Hand and Foot and give them to you. It is such a fun game!

Anonymous said...

I just taught Kar and Sky "Hand and Foot". Maybe we should get together and have a girls night with snacky food and cards!?!?! Hugs!

rita said...

Mike loves McD's ice coffee.
I love my GPS, however, one should never trust it ONLY. Know your route. I like that it tells arrival time. And you can set it to speak to you in any language!
Son Stephan is into Afrikaans because they have a S African with them now and I listen to German. Fun!
On this last trip "Frau Garmin" led us right past cousin Ed's place. Surprise! (Maybe I hadn't studied the route so carefully, hmmm)
I've forgotten how to play H & F, only remember that it was fun.