Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Showing Love

I try to show Mike how much I love him and not just on special occasions like Valentine's day. I enjoy coming up with things throughout the year.
While I was traveling this past week I decided to mail Mike some cards. Here is one of the cards I made him and this is what I wrote:
Because I want to tell you just how dear you are to me,
Because my every thought of you is as loving as can be...
Because my heart is filled with things that words alone can't say,
This comes especially for you with all my love today.
The saying is not my original, I read it somewhere and thought it was perfect for this card.

So what have you done lately to show your love to your husband? I would love to hear from you!

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Kim said...

I've learned that one of my hubby's love languages is time spent with him. So I try to make a conscious effort to simply spend time with him (not hard to do, since I LOVE spending time with him!). Touch is also a biggie for him, so we are a huggie couple :-)

sara said...

I am sad to say, that I haven't done anything too special for my husband in the last few weeks...he has been so patient and understanding as I come out of my grief....but you have reminded me that it is time.

We are attending Weekend to Remember next weekend. I can't wait!

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hi Mrs.Elizabeth!
I just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog. It was fun hearing from you!

~Much Love & Many Blessings~
McKenzie Elizabeth