Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 23

We started our week putting up a 20 foot flagpole in the front yard. When we first moved into this house Mike mounted a flag on a tree but soon after that tree died and we had to cut it down. Mike decided to try it again and mount the flag to another tree in the front yard but it too eventually died and we had to cut it down so we haven't had a flag up since. Mike was feeling very unpatriotic until we found a great deal at Sam's for this 20 foot flag. We put it up and it looks great.
This is my favorite picture of the week because it shows Mike's true character. He is such a kid at heart. He is always making me laugh. This is Mike playing around with the ball that goes on the top of the flagpole. At the last minute Mike decided to do a date night this week... so here we are in the truck getting ready to head out to a movie and dinner. We went and watched "My Life In Ruins" and then tried a new pizza place close to the theater... cute movie, good food, great fellowship!
The roses Mike gave me are still looking beautiful. The pink ones didn't last as long but I took the petals and put them around the table to enjoy them a day or two longer. The red ones are still going strong!
Mike really wanted to go clay shooting this weekend, so here we are in the little golf cart going through the Blue course
Mike did a great job shooting!
Yes, even I did some shooting, but only a few times.
Mike and I went to a Barn and Yard sale yesterday and on the way we passed this house (if you can call it that) with this sign... Mike thought it was really funny how they spelled miniature so he asked me to take a picture of it.
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sara said...

great week!!!

That sign is hilarious!! someone actually "lives" in that house?

Kim said...

Maybe they meant a "minotaur" donkey? Or a hybrid of a miniature donkey and minotaur? LOL

Fun photos this week! Gotta love those date nights :-)

Dena said...

Great idea spreading out the pink roses. Very pretty!

LOL @ the sign. Too funny!

rita said...

I enlarged the mineture photo ;) and loved it :), along w/ all the others. Good job!