Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Project365 ~ Week 24

I know it's early for Christmas cards but I wanted to get Mom's order out of the way so I can concentrate on other orders and Lord willing as it gets closer to Christmas maybe I will have some card orders to complete and keep me busy. So here are Dad and Mom's Christmas cards for this year. Hope they like them!Mike loves the cobblestone muffin at Panera Bread. We found a Panera's not too far from home that we can enjoy every once in a while. I decided to try their frozen caramel coffee drink. It was wonderful but the reason I took this picture was to show you the size of the straw. It was huge. I have never seen such a large straw. Just a small sip and my mouth was full of the coffee goodness!I decided to try making my own flavored coffee creamer. I looked online and found that all you need is sweetened condensed milk, milk and vanilla extract for a French Vanilla flavoring. So I tried it and it tasted good but it wasn't the same exact flavor you would get from International Delights French Vanilla. It did however taste somewhat like cafe con leche. It was yummy and I will definitely make some again. Maybe add some other flavorings next time. We did a quick stop at Kroger for milk and fruit and I found these ribs in the "Manager's Special" section. I thought they looked delicious so I bought them. I seasoned them up with a rub I found online, put them in the crockpot and 8 hours later they were fall off the bone fabulous!The neighborhood next to us has several empty lots that no one has built on yet. The lots are filled with a variety of overgrown green things but one thing that I am always happy to see is blackberries. Well these in this picture aren't ready yet but they will be soon enough and then I will pick them. I pulled out the Scattergories to play with Mike to help us get away from out laptops for a night. Things were going great until we got the letter "S" and the blank to fill in was "Things you replace" and Mike put "Spouse". No worries anyone... he has no plans of replacing me.
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Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Wow! I still cannot believe you posted that! For ALL of Elizabeth's readers out there -- I honestly and faithfully LOVE MY WIFE and BESTFRIEND!

here's a question for your readers - what would've they had answered in a time crunching situation?