Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project365 ~ Week 26

What a week... I feel like I got so much accomplished and I am so happy about thing that helped alot was that I wasn't on Facebook and I didn't blog much. I need to refocus my time and make sure I am being wise with my time management.

To start off this week... I got my Cutco knife that Mike bought for me (isn't he the sweetest) This knife is awesome and I use it to cut everything!
Our broody hen did it again this week. She sat on 8 eggs for a week and then right before church on Wednesday I went out to collect eggs for the day and she was out of her normal box and in another one... As a temporary fix Mike just put the eggs under her again but he decided we would get a crate and move her into it so we could make sure she sat on these eggs. Mike found this great deal on Craigslist for this dog crate... we went and picked it up...brought it home, cleaned it out...put chicken wire around it...added pine shavings and then moved her and her eggs into this crate. For now she is in our basement. We will see if we end up getting chicks or not.Another project for the week was moving rocks... when we first moved into our house we had started digging a ditch to try and control where the water goes when it rains. We were never able to complete the project and it didn't seem to help anyway. So this week we moved the rocks from the ditch and put them in this flower bed. We are going to build a wall and mulch this area. In the next few weeks our outside is really going to get some major work done and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I am excited!Friday we had the privilege of having Audrey, Jackson and Ashley over for dinner. We had so much fun. They are a really sweet family. They kept us laughing all night long.Even Betsy enjoyed the company... she did a great job being somewhat under control... she was occupied with her rawhide bone at this time but I am very surprised she wasn't all over Jackson.Saturday Mike was kind enough to take me to several garage sales. We actually found some wonderful deals. Stuff for the chickens... and stuff for friends and family
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sara said...

I honestly didn't realize that so much went into raising chickens. I have learned a lot from reading your blog!!!

I love to garage sale, but don't get to do it as much as I would like!

Kim said...

Glad you had a productive week! We're pretty excited about how our winter garden is growing. Can't wait til we can start harvesting yummy vegetables :-) What's special about a Cutco knife? Is that a brand name, a style or knife, or what?

Elizabeth said...

Well my husband and I are learning things about chickens every day but we are having fun.
Aunt Kim - Cutco is a very expensive knife maker...long story short Mike bought it for my birthday gift and also helped out his son in law who has just started selling Cutco.

rita said...

Our chef-son would probably like your knife. He has a whole set of very good ones, essential equipment for any kitchen, he would say.