Thursday, December 15, 2011

Babysitting Fun

Before my week in London I spent 4 days watching these precious girls.  Their Dad was out of town on business and their Mom was heading to a Bible course on counseling women.

 They loved playing outside.  This park was right across from their house so it was nice to be able to walk across and let them play every day....but...

 not until school work was done.

My last day with them we had a picnic at the park.  The girls thought it was such a great idea to eat outside.  They ate quickly and even got some play time in before going back home to finish school time.

At the end of each day, when the girls got in bed they were out... FAST!

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Lhoyt said...

I'm so glad you are having such opportunities to be a blessing to others. I know that in the process you are getting a blessing, also. We love you and pray for you regularly.
Dad and Mom