Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 Kathy planned a day in Paris for me.  She had been before with Paul but since I had never been there she booked an all day tour for us.  The day started early as we had to be at the train station at 6:30.  
It took two and a half hours to get to Paris from London using this EuroStar train.  Very interesting ride since part of it we were traveling under water.

 The first thing we did was get off the train and onto a bus that was going to show us around.  It was market day and they had tons of produce out to sell.  It all looked so good!

 I was so impressed by the detail work on their buildings

 The tour included lunch at the Eiffel tower restaurant.
It was a two course meal.  You were to pick a started and entree or an entree and dessert. Then one person per family went downstairs to put the order in.  
Kathy came back with this cute basket with our starter salads and bread.  The entrees would be served to us when they were ready.  It was an interesting way of doing it but it worked.

 Then after sight seeing, a ride on the Seine river and lunch at the Eiffel tower they took us to the Louvre Museum.  Kathy and I spent our time at the shopping area because the Louvre tour was extra and we didn't have enough time to really take in all the Louvre has to offer.  Kathy and Paul had spent an entire day at the Louvre and only got through 1/4 of it so we knew a few hours wasn't going to be enough.

The shopping area had several jewelry stores, book store, and gadget store along with an Apple store.  The food area had a Starbucks, McDonalds, and a few other eating places.
 Here I am inside the shopping area, right in front of the inverted pyramid.  This was our meeting place for the tour.  We got there early and decided to take some pictures.
This concludes my trip and my fun Thanksgiving week with Kathy.  Thanks again Kathy for taking me on your well earned trip.


Lhoyt said...

I'm so glad for you! Though Paris is not the place I would choose (I would go to Zürich, Berne or Geneva)just the opportunity to go to Europe was wonderful.
Seeing the buildings in Paris helps me to understand why they call Buenos Aires the Paris of South America.

rita said...

Great trip!
Ubiquitous McDonald's :)