Monday, February 16, 2009

Misc Updates

Valentine's weekend - Mike and I had a great Valentine's day. We went to Charleston SC to visit my brother and see the area since we've never been there before.

We drove back to GA on Sunday and I flew out to my sister's in Vegas. I am here wide awake while everyone else is sleeping away. By the end of the week my body will start getting use to the time difference, just in time for me to go back home :-) Oh well.

Menu Plan Monday - I will not be posting a menu for this week since I am not home cooking and I don't know what Kathy has planned to make this week. I do have the freezer stocked at home for my hubby to enjoy home cooked meals while I am gone.

Project 365 - I will post pictures at some point ~ sorry they are late, but better late than never.

Well that is about it for me. I am going to start working on inventorying my sister's books until everyone wakes up here and get the day started.

Not sure how often I will be able to post on my blog but I will try.

Have a blessed week everyone!

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Rebecca said...

I hope you had fun at your sisters! I've been thinking about ya!