Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project 365 ~ Week 5

Monday night I had my friend Rebecca over for dinner and some talk time. It was a great night and she was even nice enough to trim my bangs for me. So here is a picture I am taking of myself to show you what a great job she did. My bangs needed to be trimmed so badly. They were all in my eyes. Thanks Rebecca for doing that for me. I collect Precious Moments figurines and this one is one of my favorites. It's called "Lettuce Pray" and it is a great reminder to me to pray without ceasing.Wednesday was a rainy day here so I spent some time reading. I started this Cathy Marie Hake book that my friend Christie gave to me. I only read the first few chapters but so far I like it.Thursday I was able to spend an hour or so in my craft room going through yet another pile. In a box I started going through I found this frame that I made. I need to find a place to hang this in my craft room.Here is a new birthday card I made this week.We got our pre-ordered Fireproof movie this week. When I brought it in the house I decided to wrap a ribbon around it and put a little tag on it for Mike. We watched this movie on Friday night for our pizza and a movie night.Saturday I met my friend Bea at the Outlet mall. She brought me these cute magnets from Holland (I even got the original bag) I had such a great time talking that I ended up forgetting to take a picture of her. I put my camera in my purse and everything.
Here is Betsy, checking to make sure our house is secure :-) On one of our walks this week Betsy got attacked (don't worry she is ok) by this little male dog. I was so proud of Betsy because she was so good and didn't get aggressive at all., she just didn't like this dog taking advantage of her.


Kathy said...

WOW- poor Betsy... I am glad she is okay. She has really grown! I hope yo uare okay with Louanne doing your hair when you are out here!

Elizabeth said...

Of course Louanne can do my hair... and my face could use a wax too if she has time... looking forward to seeing you soon :-)

Lhoyt said...

Saw "Fireproof" Monday night. I'm glad you got it, I'll have to see it again. It certainly did dig deep into my thought patterns. There are a number of things I'll have to be working on!!