Friday, February 27, 2009

Project 365 - Week 7

The week before Valentine's day was a week of preparation. Mike and I were going to South Carolina to visit Michael and then on our way back Mike was dropping me off at the airport to fly to Vegas to visit Kathy. So here is a picture of one of the many little things I try to do to let Mike know I love him. When I go away I leave little notes around the house and a basket of snacks on the kitchen table for him to enjoy while I am away. This basket was filled with Hershey's Kisses, popcorn and cereal/granola bars.Thursday afternoon Mike we lost Internet connection. So Mike ended up on the phone trying to get things back up and running with our Internet provider. After Mike not being able to work half of Thursday he woke up early on Friday to see if the problem had been solved. He was still not able to get online so he was determined to find a different Internet provider. We were told to call a number that would help us find the different companies that serviced our area but we had 2 problems. One problem was that it was a voice recognition system and here is Mike trying to get automated system to understand what we was saying over the phone. Our second problem was that we live in a somewhat country area and therefore no one seems to service our area except for our current provider. Oh well. Since I was going to be away the week after Valentine's day I thought I would make some truffles and put them in the fridge for Mike to enjoy while I was of town. I made 2 dozen of these truffles and put them in our almost empty fridge. On top of the cartons I put his Valentine's day card along with a bunch of little hearts I punched out and wrote little notes on.
Once we determined that Mike wasn't going to get any work done on Friday we got in the truck and went to South Carolina. The roads were good and God granted us safety. We got to Michael's apartment in time for dinner. We enjoyed 5 very different flavored wings from Jamaican Jerk to General Tso's. We had a great time talking about Michael's work and what he does. He really enjoys his new job and we are very happy for him.
Woke up Saturday (Valentine's Day) and decided to head on over to Panera's for breakfast. Here is a picture of my coffee and Mike's cobblestone muffin. Breakfast was delicious.After breakfast we went to a gun shop and after the men looked around and found out there was a long wait list for the shooting range we decided to hit the road. We drove all over the place looking at lots of different model homes. One of the homes had a pool table so Michael and Mike had to play. The game ended just in time when another family started walking through the model home. Mike won and Michael had to treat us for lunch :-)

South Carolina is beautiful and I look forward to many more trips out there to visit family and do some sight seeing.

Thanks Michael for your hospitality!

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