Sunday, February 8, 2009

Project 365 ~ First Week of February

This week is a big blur to me. The only thing I remember doing is making cards. I forgot all about Project 365 or else I may have a picture of my family at dinner tonight. We meet up with my parents and brother, SIL and niece at TGIF tonight. We enjoyed a great meal and between coupons and gift cards we only paid $16 for the meal (7 people eating) and $15 for tip. Then we went to Walmart and did some shopping :-)

This is my first goof up of the week. I made these cards and got this stamp out and put everything together. I thought I was ahead of schedule and everything was going great. Then my Mom calls me to ask for some Valentine's cards and I go to pull them out for her and I realized I used the Happy Mother's Day stamp on the cards instead of Happy Valentine's Day, so I had to remake all the cards. Oh well... I guess that will teach me to be so far ahead of schedule :-)
I found a print out of a card that I really liked and wanted to make. Here is my version of the card (sorry for the bad photo). I changed a few things around from the original but I think it turned out good.
This is a guy card I made. On the tab I plan on writing something on it. A personal little message/note from me.
I have had this flower ribbon for a while now and I decided it was time to use it. So this is what I made. Now I am trying to decide if I should stamp a rose in the big white space or just leave it as is. What do you think?
This week I finished up getting all my inventory sheets done. I have all my stamp sets in order numerically. I have an excel spreadsheet with the stamp name and the number so I know where to find it. Sometimes however I am looking for a specific stamp but I don't know what the stamp set is called, so for those times I created a notebook of all my stamps stamped on paper. So each set of stamps has its own sheet, each stamp included in that stamp set I stamped on the page and all the pages are organized alphabetically. Did that make any sense?

I am working on getting a Stampin Up order together so I organized my ink pads to see what colors I need and what I already have. I didn't realize it but I am actually missing Ballet Blue. Not sure how I never got that but I don't have it. Maybe one day I will find it in my craft room but for now I am going to order myself another ink pad. A few months ago I lost my Basic Black ink which I use for EVERYTHING so I will be ordering one of those also. My life would be so much easier if I actually had that craft room ALL organized. Maybe one day I will. I can dream at least.

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Kim said...

What is ballet blue? A light blue? An aqua blue? Inquiring minds want to know! I cannot live without knowing what ballet blue is!!! LOL

I unpacked all the boxes with craft and fabric supplies last Friday and re-packed them in a more organized fashion. The guest bed platform has three cubby holes on each side and I know have each one filled with a box of fabric. Two (or is it three?) of the shelves in the guest closet are filled with scrapbooking supplies I collected to bring (I don't actually scrapbook yet). And another three plastic bins of fabric and quilting supplies are stacked in the study/sewing room awaiting some kind of storage solution. We're getting there :-)