Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu for Week 2 of 2012

While I was away dog sitting, Kathy and Paul decided that this new year was going to be a year of less eating out.  I, of course, totally agree with that decision and look forward to cooking.  Kathy had already made up the menu for the entire month.  The first week went well, we changed one thing because we needed to use a ham that our neighbor gave us for Christmas.

What's on the menu this week you ask?

polynesian roast
mini ham loaves
lemon thyme chicken
sausage lentil soup
honey soy chicken
grilled salmon

If these recipes are voted as "do again" by all three of us then I will blog the recipe and add it to our monthly rotating menu.

1 comment:

Lhoyt said...

Sounds delicious! Looking forward to seeing some of those recipes, though we do not eat half of what we used to eat.