Saturday, January 7, 2012

P365 ~ Week 1

First of all I want to say "I'M BACK".  I'm sorry I wasn't able to finish out last year but I'm glad I took the break because now I am ready to focus on Project 365 this year.

This first week of the year has been very different for me.  I didn't start a new diet and I feel like I have been released from a huge burden.  I know that sounds strange but every year I would start a diet and New Years Day was always hard sticking to the diet and then it always went down hill from there.  Always being obsessed with what I could and could not eat.  I have lived most of my life on a diet and I can tell you from much experience that the first few days of dieting are horrible for me.  I get really cranky!  Every new year I started dieting because that is what you do... right?  I am overweight, so dieting just made sense.

This year I have a totally different view on food.  I don't know when it changed.  Looking back, maybe it started when I had my day of fasting, or when I started walking, or maybe even just the difference in the food Paul and Kathy like to eat and what I was use to eating.  I don't know the reason, but I can tell you that this first week of 2012 I have felt GREAT.  I haven't obsessed over food, I haven't felt guilty, and I haven't felt deprived or overwhelmed.

Now, on to sharing my week in pictures and I hope you join me in this fun project.

I said good bye to Mr Beasley after watching him for 2 1/2 weeks.  He was fun to be with but it was time to go home.
It was nice having Kathy and Paul home from work.  I got into this huge decluttering mood and I started cleaning out the closet, which we use as a pantry.  I decided if we hadn't used something for a year we needed to get rid of it.  We just don't have the space to hold onto everything.  I had my pile of things that I was getting rid of which were items I brought with me from Georgia.  After I made my pile, I told Kathy and Paul that I sacrificed some items and now it was their turn to give some things up.  It was funny, because Paul quickly grabbed the Espresso maker and said he wanted to make a cup.  Since he hadn't used it in a long time he didn't want to get rid of it so he had to quickly use it so it would be safe.  We all had a good laugh about that one! 
I normally make healthy whole wheat bread with my freshly ground wheat but I have lots of bread flour to use up so I made some white bread in my bread machine and it was delicious!  We ate the entire loaf in one day.  Steaming hot bread with a little butter on it.... YUMMY! 
These are two newly discovered favorite items.  When we went over to our friends house for Christmas lunch they had this Coconut Creme Coffee Mate and it was so good I had to get some for us to enjoy at home.  The clementine is a Cutie.  I always thought Cuties were a type of citrus fruit but it's actually a name brand.  We love Cuties, although we always bought little tangerine Cuties.  We found these clementine Cuties and they are just as good as the tangerines.  Actually, they are even better because they are bigger.  Anyway, if you see Cuties in your grocery store I definitely recommend them.  They are always sweet, easy to peel and seedless.
It felt so good to be back in the craft room with all my stamps.  I was able to get some card packages posted on my Etsy shop last week and now I want to start making more cards to use and some to sell.
Last year before the hustle and bustle of the holidays began we had a Pampered Chef party.  One of the items I was able to get was this mini loaf stoneware.  I made some chocolate banana bread and it turned out perfectly.   
I made it the entire week walking 3 miles every day.  I hope to do the same next week.
This completes my first week of 2012.  See you next week!


Tori said...

Good for you and your attitude about dieting & food! It is hard and such a slippery slope for us all.
My kids LOVE Cuties!
So glad to see you are still using your gift for creating with your cards!

Have a super week!

LuAnn said...

Both breads look awesome.

If you have time please let me know what you are doing to diet. I am always looking for something new. Thanks !

rita said...

Oh, fresh warm homemade bread...
I'm so hungry now!
So what's the difference between tangerines and clementines? They're all 'mandarinas' to me ;)

Glad you're back!


What a productive week you had. The breads looked really delicious. Congrats on walking 3 miles all week. I am impressed. My mom died last April and she was a hoarder....whenever I go work at her house...I come home and throw away at mine. I have also adopted a new mantra. If I bring something in...something has to go out.

semperfi said...

congrats on your walking goal. I start mine this week. That bread looked wonderful. Thanks for sharing

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week, I totally hear you with you weight loss struggles! I have struggles with it almost all my adult life!

Good Luck with your program!


sara said...

would you come and declutter my pantry?!!! I am so bad at organizing and just put stuff where it will fit...I am sure there is stuff in the back that is over a year old!!!

The Bug said...

Way to go on the walking! I need to work on walking more - our time in Chicago would have been a lot more fun if I were fitter.

That banana bread looks wonderful - it's one of my favorite foods, & with ANOTHER favorite food mixed in - heaven!

momma frans said...

3 miles every day?! good job!!
I love homemade bread and cuties ARE delicious!!

welcome back to 365!