Friday, January 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing

This has been a BIG week for organizing, decluttering and changing things around. The two big reasons for such a successful week for me
1) I bought new bedroom furniture that gives me more storage
2) my Mom... if it weren't for her my room would have never gotten to look this good. Thanks Mom for all your hard work.So my next step is to go through all the "stuff" that was in my room and find a new place for it all.

Thank you Organized Junkie for hosting.


Carol said...

Love the puffy quilt. I need a bed like that! It is a great storage area.

Darla said...

i think it looks great...clutter free! i love the puff quilt!

danae said...

it looks great & cozy! i look forward to seeing how you organize all the "stuff"!

EstarellasFamily said...

Very similar to Roger's bed. That's the reason I got that type for him. It's almost like having another dresser in the room. Looks Great!!
I am still in the process of doing our house. I did the kids play area in the family room yesterday. Today is their rooms!