Sunday, January 30, 2011

P365 ~ Week 5

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Check out this awesome Bible bag that Martha from church made for me. Isn't it the coolest? It holds everything I need to take to church. I love it! Monday
Mom gave me a new lunchbox. Kathy got one too, hers is red. Mom packed my lunch. When was the last time your Mom packed you a lunch? And it was all super yummy!Tuesday
These adorable mugs were a gift from a friend. Aren't they cute?Wednesday
Kathy and I made empanadas and took them over to enjoy game night with two sweet ladies. We played Rook and had a great night. Thursday
Paul heading out to grill up some delicious hamburgers for us.
Can you guess what has been going on at the house?
That's right... new coats of paint are going up. My bathroom is done and the painters did a fabulous job!
To enjoy the gorgeous day God blessed us with we had a picnic with some ladies from church and these three precious boys.
How did you enjoy your last week of January?


sara said...

I miss my mom packing my lunch!!! I just plain miss my mom!!!

love the bag!

Mimi said...

It looks like a great week. I was happy for my week to be over, lol!

Have a great week,


Loved sharing your week. I too love Rook. the bathroom looks grand!

RaD said...

Those are cute mugs and that looks like a fun park.

We spent our last weekend (well, Saturday at least) holed up in our house to avoid the rain, but enjoyed every minute of it!

Kim said...

That's a cool lunchbag! I don't think my mom ever packed me a lunch. We always ate lunch at school :)

Also a very nice "go to church" bag.

Looks like a great week, with projects getting finished, special gifts received, and fun times with people :)

Hope next week is just as wonderful!

rita said...

Nice to have your mom there. Must be missing her now. Lots of new friends out there in Vegas. So good. Love,

momma frans said...

love the mugs! I have that same one, in fact it was one of my pictures last week.

Tiffany said...

Looks like a super fun week...with many gifts and a GREAT park. My kids would love to have a park like that in town:)

Lhoyt said...

I don't believe I've played Rook since college, over forty years ago. I guess I'll have to relearn. I'm so glad you are gathering some wonderful friends. I love you. DAD

The Bug said...

Love the Bible bag - that pattern is really pretty. And I also like the lunch bag - where did your mom get it? I'm looking for a new one...

I used to play Rook with my mom to see who would pack my dad's lunch. She cheated so I always lost :)

Rose said...

i'm back to blogging great bags the photos are very good thanks for sharing rose

Susan said...

I wish mom packed my lunch. Mom's lunches are always the best.

Looks like you had a great day for a picnic, glad you enjoyed yourself.

The Bible bag is beautiful!