Sunday, January 16, 2011

P365 ~ Week 3

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One of the perks of working at an insurance office... free Starbucks!
Kathy and I made chicken parmigiana to feed 20 people. Our church was hosting a church planters conference so we signed up to provide some food.
I had to take this picture because Mom was telling Kathy what things needed to be done to the house to make it a "home". Kathy just kept shaking her head yes. It was so funny.

Kathy took two days off to spend with Mom. We went out to breakfast before Kathy dropped me off at the office.

We are getting new counter tops in the kitchen and the workers came out and removed the old counter tops. Of course they also had to disconnect the sink. I never realized how difficult it would be without running water in the kitchen. Can't wait till the new counter gets installed.
Mom and I focused on getting the garage organized alittle better. There is still alot I need to go thru but now things are organized in piles of garage sale items, things for me to look thru and Craigslist items. Sunday
This was a very special Sunday for our church. We officially became a church, signed in members, voted in our Senior Pastor and voted on our 2011 budget. I am so thankful that God has brought me to this church. Thank you Lord! Now let's see how the third week of 2011 went for everyone else.


Lhoyt said...

Great pictures of Kathy and Mom! I can just hear Mom saying that, and it's obvious Kathy is responding in her own way.
So glad you are well situated at your new church.
And oh, my,I didn't realize the counter top and sink were a multiday job. That would be tough!

sara said...

Kathy's face is hilarious...I can read her thoughts all over it! ha!

Congrats to your new church. I am so glad that you have found a wonderful place to worship!!!

We remodeled our kitchen once and I was without my sink for 3 months. Washing dishes in the bathtub is NOT fun!!! But you will love it in the end!

Rebecca Jo said...

Cant wait to see your new counters!!!

FREE STARBUCKS???? That's like better then health insurance as a job benefit! ;)

EstarellasFamily said...

Now you know how jealous I am of your Monday's picture!!! Congratulations on the new church too....that's awesome!

The Bug said...

That's awesome about your church - but I want a piece of that cake :)

Christie said...

Free Starbucks!!!!!!! *happy sigh*