Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Love Garage Sales

Although having a garage sale is alot of work, I always enjoy them. I am not sure why, maybe its the time I get to spend with my Mom or maybe its the little extra money I can earn and the satisfaction in knowing that I was able to bless someone else with something I no longer needed.

My Mom and I had a garage sale this past weekend. Friday went really well but Saturday got rained out. We had 4 families worth of stuff that we needed to clear out.

When having a garage sale I always try to price the items reasonably. I keep in mind what I would be willing to pay if I was shopping at a garage sale. Some things are easier to let go of but others sometimes tend to get priced higher because we are just not at the point that we really want to get rid of it.

We woke up at 2:30am on Friday to pull all the stuff out of the garage and arrange it as nicely as possible on the tables or on the driveway. Clothes got hung on the garage door, shoes got put out nicely on the front stairs. We had a customer at 6:30 although our signs said 7 to 2. We welcomed him in and he bought a few things. So our day was off to a good start.

We stayed busy all day. It was great... things were being sold which meant we didn't have to carry them back into the garage. I had a table of products that I buy for really cheap or get them free by using coupons and shopping at drug stores. I was doing a trial to see if those type of items would sell. The test was a great success. God really blessed us that day. Unfortunately, I am not as well organized as Mike so I didn't have an inventory sheet of how many products I started out with.

For all of you out there who shop with coupons and get those great deals at the drug stores I encourage you to buy extra and have a garage sale. Here are the items I sold and how much I sold them for.
  • Bleach $1.25
  • Fantastic spray bottle $1
  • Lysol spray bottle $1
  • Glass Plus $1
  • Toothbrush $1
  • Toothpaste $1.50 for 6.5 oz and $1 for 4oz
  • Kids Listerine mouthwash $1
  • Dial bar soap 3 pack $1
  • Dove bar soap 2 pack $1
  • Bic disposable razors 4 pack $2
  • Palmolive detergent $1
  • Goodys headache powder $1
  • Bayer 81mg aspirin $1
  • Q Tips $1.25
  • Shampoo $1.25 or $1 depending on the brand
  • Deodorant $1.50 or $1 depending on brand

The items that didn't sell at all for me were makeup and lip balm products.

Helpful hint: I found these 4 websites that you can advertise your garage sale for free. Mike posted an ad for our garage sale. Not sure if we got any customers from the post but its always worth a try.


Anonymous said...

How great is that! Very encouraging! All your coupon trips paid of even more.


Elizabeth said...

Yes and I am working on gathering my items again so I can have another garage sale in a few months. :-)