Wednesday, December 3, 2008

90 Day Food Supply

Yesterday I read a guest post on Money Saving Mom about building a food supply. Although I know God would supply all my needs; He also wants me to be wise and be a good steward of what He blesses me with.

Here is a glimpse into the post I read. Take the time to read it yourself and tell me what you think.

"Syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey advises his listeners to set up an emergency fund that consists of three to six months of living expenses. The fund is for "just in case" situations like job loss and medical or auto emergencies--basically a source of cash for unexpected tough times.
Along this same line of thinking, it is also smart to consider setting up an emergency fund of food. Thinking of your long-term food needs is not only for "gloom-and-doom" situations. By systematically storing food that your family enjoys eating, you will be able to purchase the food on your plan when it is at rock-bottom prices, learn to plan and budget better, and give your family peace of mind. "


Kim said...

Our house is pretty small so even if I could afford to stock up that much food, I don't think I have the space :-)

But there are certain staple items I try never to run out of, because with them I can throw together a quick meal. Actually there are a few such meal ideas I always tried to keep ingredients for, including a couple for unexpected company. Some of my old standbys from the U.S. won't work here (can't get the ingredients) so I'm working on some new standbys.

NOT having an extra freezer any more is cramping my style too. I sure miss that thing! It was the first big appliance we ever bought as young marrieds and it was still running when we left it for Rob in August!

Kathy said...

Of Course I know that this is important... But what if your favorite foods are foods that spoil. I have been stocking flour, sugar, salt, (I guess this is baking goods) so that I can always make something! I also have canned some... I need to get back to canning while the prices are good!- We have lots of rice as well! One can always live on rice and beans!

Elizabeth said...

Well I dont think the idea is to make your favorite foods... because of course for you fruits and veggies wont last long... so you have to think of meals you would eat using foods that will store for a long time... like rice and beans... if you think you can live off rice and beans for 3 months, then stock up on that and you are set...
If you want variety then things start getting alittle harder. That is what I am going for. Variety and simplicity for me. So I am thinking alot about this before I jump in and just buy alot of food. I want to be wise with my purchases.
I know you guys have alot of rice and Paul loves rice so that is a good thing for you.
Hope you feel better soon Kathy.
Love you!

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hi Elizabeth,

We too have been trying to stock up on some things. Mostly beans, grains and canned vegetables and fruit. We can only do so much, I guess that is where trust comes in. We have read some neat stories from the Great Depression on how God provided for His people. Here is an interesting blog someone from church sent me.
You can go back in his archives and he has some interesting stuff on the economic collapse in Argentina.

We enjoy reading your blog. McKenzie got your comment, but me being a paranoid mama deleted it because it had our last name on it! :>)
Take care,