Monday, December 29, 2008

Kroger Trip ~ After Christmas Sales and Others

Kroger had some really good sales this week.

I got 10 packs of Cottonelle toilet paper for free... it's priced at 99 cents for a 4 pack and I used 50 cent coupons which doubled to make the toilet paper free.

I bought 22 bottled of Fuze drink. I have never tried this drink before but I had 50 cent coupons and the drink was on sale for $1, so I got all those for free.

I bought some 6 bags of Bliss mint flavored chocolates that were on sale $1.50 a bag because of after Christmas sales. I had 3 coupons for buy 2 bags and save $2.50, so I got the chocolates for 25 cents a bag.

Two other great after Christmas sales were Graham cracker crusts for $1 and Mini marshmallows for 50 cents a bag. I didn't have any coupons to use with these but I thought the sale price was still a good deal.

Kroger is currently having a great Procter and Gamble sale. Buy $25 worth of P&G products and get $5 off at the register. This was exactly what I was waiting for because we needed to buy some dog food and I had coupons that expire today. A 20 pound bag of dog food was $19.99. I bought 3 of them so I could take advantage of the promotion twice and get $10 back at the register, but my savings didn't end there. I also had 2 $5 coupons and 1 $3 coupon along with a $3 coupon that I had loaded on my Kroger card from Shortcut. The P&G promotion sale is going on until January 10th, 2009 so if you have a Kroger store close by I suggest you take advantage of this great deal.

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