Saturday, December 6, 2008

Official Chicken Farmer

It's one thing to feed, water, and clean after live chickens but it's another story all together when it's time to kill them. You reach a point when a chicken isn't worth keeping alive because it's not laying eggs like it use to. We have been at that point for over a month now. We were getting on average 8 eggs a day from 10 chickens. We decided to add 7 more chickens so we could start getting atleast a dozen eggs a day. Well our calculations never worked out. What ended up happening to us was little by little the egg count went down. We are down to an average of 3 eggs a day. Mike decided it was time so today he killed 3 chickens. I am very proud of him. He did an awesome job. He did it all by himself. So now I can officially say Mike is a true chicken farmer.
If you are interested in seeing some pictures let me know. I took a few today but didn't want to post them on my blog just in case someone wouldn't like to see them.


Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...


As the leader of our home, I need to provide for my family. I'm looking forward to a wonderful variety of casseroles, soups, meals, etc. from the 1st "3".

I Love You,

Lhoyt said...

I was just reading "Little House in the Ozarks" a compilation of articles that Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote for the local newspaper in Wright county, MO. An interjected comment by one of her friends says that "She gets eggs in the winter when none of her neighbors gets them." So evidently your case is not an anomally. I haven't gotten far enough along in the book to know whether she had any secrets for her success with hens, but maybe you will hear of some as you progress in this venture.