Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cellfire and Shortcuts

Have you ever heard of Cellfire or Shortcuts? It's just another great way to save money.

I went to Kroger today, I bought 4-4pack Cottonelle toilet paper and 8oz Kroger shredded cheese and I paid 40 cents. How did I do this you ask? Well here it goes...

Go to Cellfire, sign up with your cell phone #. Browse the coupons and select the ones you are interested in and get them downloaded onto your preferred customer store card. I use Kroger but if you have something different in your area see if it will accept that store card.

Go to Shortcuts, sign up and register your preferred customer store cards. Select the coupons you want and have them added to your card.

When you check out and purchase these items, it will automatically give you the discount at the register as long as you use your preferred customer card.

I had four 50 cent coupons for Cottonelle (which Kroger doubles for me). The 4 pack of toilet paper costs 99 cents. So I got them all for free with my coupons but I also had a 50 cent Cellfire coupons and a 50 cent Shortcuts coupon loaded on my card so it took that off as well. Just to be clear, this is a legit way of using coupons. If it weren't ethical or even questionable, I wouldn't do it. I also had a Shortcuts coupon for 45 cents off 8oz Kroger shredded cheese.

The breakdown:
4 toilet paper packs for 99 cents each (four 50 cent coupons used ~ doubled makes them free plus $1 overage from loaded coupons on preferred customer card)
8oz Kroger shredded cheese $1.67 (45 cent loaded coupon)
Grand Total (with tax) is 40 cents

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