Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pasta and Tuna

This past week Publix had a buy one get one free sale on pasta and tuna fish. I didn't have any coupons but the price was still good so I bought some things to stock up.

Eight boxes of pasta at 70 cents each and two 4 packs of canned tuna. There items will go in my 90 day supply because they are great non perishable foods. The expiration date on them is 2011. Can you believe it?

What items have you been stocking up?


Kathy said...

I have also stocked up on pasta, rice, beans, tuna, flour, sugar, pancake mix, and other small items... It is good to get to set up for the just in case!

Kim said...

The only thing I've stocked up on is cleaning and paper products. Which I store in a bedroom closet. We don't have enough cabinet space in the kitchen yet to bulk buy food. But Ivan will be building me a nice, big pantry cabinet in the coming months. Yea! :-)

Nancy said...

I always try to stock Spaghetti Sauce, pasta, cake mixes, brownie mix, ketchup , and mustard and this past year I have stocked sugar too. I always like to have these stocked anyway and then for long term- like 6 months- I will add to it! Napkins, paper plates, cleaning supplies, paper plates and especially Toilet Paper is great to stock! If you get good deals and nothing happens, you will just appear very organized and prepared by your family and friends!