Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365

Here is another one of my Christmas gifts :-) This griddle is wonderful. I made sourdough pancakes and they were delicious.
Tuesday night started our Ladies Bible study at church. We took a break over the holidays and this week was our first week back. This is the book we are starting to go through Created to be his Help Meet by Debi Pearl. I've already read this book once but I'm very excited to be going through it again.
Wednesday the Adult Ensemble group at church started practicing for Resurrection Sunday. We will be singing 4 songs. We started learning 2 new songs ~ Every Knee Shall Bow by Brigette Shevy and The Power of the Cross by Keith Getty, Stuart Townend and Richard Nichols. They are both very beautiful songs.
I made a new Mac N Cheese recipe this week and it turned out so yummy.
This week I finally got some wedding invitation samples created for a friend who is getting married in May. Now I will wait and see if she decides to go with my handmade invitations or a traditional invite.
We got some snow last night. It was so funny to watch Betsy outside. Here you can see her 2 paw prints and then a long strip of missing snow... that was her licking the snow. On her way back to the house she would step, step and slide... it was too cute!


sara said...

great pics!!! I wish I could have had some of that mac n cheese, it's my fav!!!!

Dena said...

Great pictures. The invites you made are beautiful! You are very talented!

Kim said...

Those pancakes look so yummy! I'd noticed your recipe the day before and am planning to try these some day. For supper :-) That's our preferred time to have big breakfasts.